Life as a DCP

Hi Everyone!

I know, it has been awhile since I have posted, but I am about to tell you what it is like to work at disney as a DCP for those who do not know what that mean’s it mean’s Disney college Program and yes you need to be in college in order to do the program. This program opens up so many different opportunity’s  for people who want to work with Disney. It has so many different and amazing,  positions that you can choose from such as Housekeeping, food and beverage, merchandise and photopass and many others to choose from. There are ups and downs to this program and one being is that you might get homesick which is very normal for people who have never been away from home before, but once you get to meet different people from and from all over world, home is like nothing anymore. You also might hate  you’re job at first and you might cry a ton within the first weeks of you’re program, towards the end though it starts to get better (sometimes).  Once you get to meet to people and become friends with some of the full time workers and CPS it makes you’re life a whole more easier to adjust. The friends  that you make durning the program are friends that you will keep for a life time when you had a bad at work they were the ones to turn to because they knew, exactly what you were going through, and they were there to get you through all the ups, and downs.  Anyway,  I hoped you enjoyed my blog on what it is like to be a CP, I will keep you updated on my, next journey on what it is like to live and breathe disney durning my next internship. (Stay Tuned) Have a magical Evening.


First blog post

Hello Everyone!

I am writting to guys today about life and how it can take you in many different directions some may be good and some bad. Life is a journey and its a different journey for everyone. I have had many different experiences in my life where it never seems to go the way I want it but, I guess thats just life and we never seem to know why it happens that way or what the reason for it being that way. If you look at life this way its like one big bowl of candy one day its there and the next day or hour its gone or half way gone. It never seems to be full. Well my message to all of you is that enjoy your life whether  its work or your kids or anything else always take that risk, dont let anyone control your life or who are has a person its your life dont let people take away from you. I hoped you guys enjoyed my first blog.